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Best Cosmetic Dentistry for the Best Smile

Cosmetic Dentistry can give you back your      Smile!

Having to deal with stained teeth is a stigma that many adults suffer from. Do you avoid smiling because you are conscious of the stains on your teeth? Staining can occur from mild to very dark, as in the case of tetracycline stained teeth. Do you realize there are fairly easy options available in cosmetic dentistry in Lauderhill that are very effective at treating those dark stains? Mild cases of staining respond well to traditional whitening methods, such as bleaching techniques.

Tetracycline is a potent antibiotic used by doctors to kill bacteria. However, it has some undesirable side effects, such as the dark staining of teeth if taken when the teeth are forming. Tetracycline tends to deposit itself in the enamel of the teeth. This makes it an inner staining that can’t be lightened from the outside of the tooth. These permanent brown stains can either be of a uniform discoloration or they may appear as horizontal lines of staining at varying intensities.

Amazing Solutions offered through Cosmetic Dentistry

There are absolutely amazing solutions available through cosmetic dentistry to transform stained teeth. The best treatment for tetracycline-stained teeth is porcelain veneers which are fused to metal crowns. The stains are completely masked, and you can get this entire procedure accomplished in as little as two visits to your cosmetic dentist in Lauderhill.

Your expert cosmetic dentist will be able to do an amazing job of transforming your smile. Be wary of dentists who don’t have the experience in these treatments because they might not be able to give you the best results for your money. Whitening teeth stained by tetracycline can be very difficult, and because the stains tend to be darker on the parts of the teeth closest to the gums, the bleaching solutions generally used for teeth whitening are not effective at all.

There is a special procedure that an expert cosmetic dentist knows and uses to block out these stains and give a natural-looking translucent look and opacity to the tooth. Only an expert cosmetic dentist should be doing this procedure, whether you go with the whitening or the porcelain veneers.

Stained teeth cause psychological pain, embarrassment and lack of confidence. There is no need to let stained teeth have such a negative impact on your life when there are such great treatments today to take care of this problem.

Everyone deserves a happy, confident smile, including you!

Very thin porcelain veneers are a minimally invasive technique which can quickly and easily hide stained or crooked teeth while at the same time saving your natural teeth. This process doesn’t require grinding down your teeth and can be completed in just two visits to your cosmetic dentist in Lauderhill.

By visiting your Lauderhill FL dentist, you can and will love having a beautiful smile. Knowing what factors to use when choosing a dentist will make your worries go away when it comes time to get some dental work done. This decision will make all the difference in your everyday life.

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